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  • Higher Education, a dream for the Lower Middle Class
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  • 06-Oct-2016
  • Higher Education has played an important role in the US administration. Being able to access this has been difficult, if not impossible, for the lower income group. The United States provides various benefits for those opting for higher education, like, a tax base which is on the increased level and also civic engagement.

    Individuals opting for higher education can attain the required success both, socially and economically. With the skills and knowledge acquired during higher education can lead to higher earnings with negligible chances of being unemployed

    According to a recent survey conducted by the US Department of Higher Education, it has been seen that the number of students enrolling for higher education has dropped to a low. This has been happening since the year 2008, the reason being the cost of education which works out quite a bit for these families of the lower income.

    Reasons for the High Cost of Education

    With the passing of time it has been found that the public funding for higher education has been slashed to a large extent, which compels the universities to raise the tuition fees, which, in turn, causes financial problems for the lower middle class. Individual who are inclined to opt for higher education, tend to take student loans, which leave them in debts for a long period of time? It is not that the universities and colleges are spending more on the education; it is just that need to get the money which can replace the state funding, which has stopped.

    Increasing Enrollment by lowering costs

    Financial aid can work well if the individuals who are inclined towards higher education do not have to worry about repaying the aids or grants offered to them. Grants are offered to a selected few students based on merit and need, reducing the prices of universities and colleges by subsidies can increase the rate of enrollment of students. Introducing the Pell Grant has not been very effective in getting more students to enroll but has been able to make a difference to the choice of the university or college.

    Aid Policy

    Programs which can be easily understood for college enrolment have been a success. In other words, the application process needs to be easily understood and the benefits of these aids need to be comprehended in the right manner by the students and their families. The information of financial aid being given to the students is not easily understood, which makes them opt out of the option of higher education.

    The Required Steps to assist students

    Besides the universities and colleges making an effort to ensure that higher education is easily accessible to the lower income bracket, the government should be able to provide more of grants and scholarships which can make it easy for an individual to get the required education. This additional funding by the government makes higher education appealing and attractive to most of the students from the lower income bracket.


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