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  • Is the Higher Education dying in the US?
  • Posted By:
  • Tom A.
  • Posted On:
  • 22-Nov-2016
  • The future of the United States requires the effectiveness of the higher education system. It has been reported that the universities here are failing at an alarming rate. The outcomes in the educational level have been poor besides which there have been enormous amount of student debt and tuitions which can be termed as ‘out of control’.

    There is an immediate need to pay careful attention to the salaries which are being paid to sports coaches and presidents. There has been the required reform to forgive student loans, to create tools for assessment which are more effective and offer material online which is ‘free’.

    Let us look at some reasons for this trouble which has surfaced for the higher education in the US.
    Schools closing down:

    There seems to be a flood of schools closing down. The icons of districts and communities should try to find solutions for this problem instead of taking this drastic step. This procedure needs time and a lot of effort as education is an investment which we tend to make for our society.

    Overcrowding of Schools:

    A study has revealed that most number of schools have classrooms with more than the required number of students. This overcrowding results in the student not getting the required attention from the teachers and lecturers. Due to no fault of the teachers, they are unable to provide the required attention to individual students.

    Teacher Innovation:

    The time has arrived where you need to make the required changes in the education offered to students as with the changing times, there has definitely been a change in the students. Public education here in the US requires teachers who are better trained to adopt the changes and meet the requirements of the different students.

    Stagnant spending on schools:

    Though there has been a rise in the economy of the US, there are many schools that do not get the required funding. They seem to be getting the funding which was during the years of recession. This leads to a crack down on the budget of a school in spite of the rising economy.

    Lack of Diversity:

    There should be ways and means to recognize students who are gifted in any way and not concentrate only on the ‘typical’ student model. Innovative ways and means can be adopted to get students involved in learning initiatives.

    Besides these factors, it is essential to be able to offer security to the teaching staff as you have many of them facing insecurities as they are not too sure of their jobs. This is more so in the summer months. This insecurity can lead to an emotional, mental and physical breakdown, which is a set back to the total education system.

    This system needs to concentrate not only the students but also the teaching staff as they hold an important place in the US education. Another factor to be taken into account is the use of corporate money. This can further bring down the quality of the education system and there is more than one chance that this is going to fail miserably. You cannot afford to mix this corporate culture with the education culture.


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