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  • Trump Presidency and its effect on International Students
  • Posted By:
  • Kathy H
  • Posted On:
  • 24-Dec-2016
  • With Donald trump taking over the presidency there is going to be a huge decline in the number of
    international students enrolling in the U.S. for further studies. His speeches during the campaigns have
    already created a negative impact on many youngsters who were thinking of the United States as their
    ‘study destination’.

    The students are worried about the unsafe environment they might have to face while studying there. Most students have expressed concern over Trump’s policy on reforms where immigration is concerned. He has promised visa restrictions, termination of programs for jobs for the foreign youths and prioritizing of the American workers. We list some ides of President Trump which can make all the difference to those opting for the US for further education.

    1. Replacing and scrapping the J-1 Visa:

    Each year you find thousands of students flying to the states on cultural exchange programs under the J-1 visa. With this visa they are able to study, work and live in the United States. President Trump intends the replacement of this program and makes it solely for the youth of America. With this policy coming into effect there will be few chances of international students to get any working or studying
    opportunities here, in the US.

    2. Religion will decide on your studying rights:

    As we have observed that terrorism seems to be spreading at an alarming speed. President Trump has
    already made it clear in his speeches that he is biased against the Muslims totally and intends banning
    this community from entering America. It seems that now your faith will make a decision for you. That
    is, if you will be allowed to study and work in America or no. President Trump is quite firm with this
    decision and intends stopping Muslims to even enter the country as tourists.

    3. Americans will be given a priority:

    According to President Trump, there are more than two times of Americans who are well qualified to
    take up the various jobs as compared to the international students. You have companies opting for
    international students as they need to pay less and this, in turn, saves them on finance. It is wiser to opt for education in your home country instead of taking chances in the United States, at least till things are sorted out and are clear.

    Impact on the existing students

    With the election of Donald Trump as the President, you have the international community of students
    not too sure where they stand. They have unknown fear which might be natural due to the many
    speeches given during his campaign.

    It will be better if the universities can encourage the international students and offer different programs in their universities so that they do not totally lose out on this section of the students. Though many families are aware of the fact that US does offer the best courses as compared to the other countries but they do not want to take any type of risk where their children are concerned.


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