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  • Donald Trump Administration and Possible Changes
  • Posted By:
  • Tom A.
  • Posted On:
  • 28-Feb-2017
  • As we are aware that higher education in the US is a popular choice among most students looking to
    study abroad, you can say the universities here have been the envy of the world. You find the most
    intelligent scholars opting for the United States for their academic career and the research facilities here are incomparable.

    You find that 50 of the top 100 universities and 15 of the top universities globally are in the United States. There have been huge changes in the education system after Donald Trump has been elected the President.

    Probable changes in Visas:

    There has been a great impact on those students who were planning to study in the United States as
    they seem to be concerned about the change in the visa policies by the Trump Administration. The
    temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States seems to have played an important role in the
    decisions of students who had planned to study here. This ban is especially for those countries that
    seem to have been compromised by terrorism. The President, Mr. Trump has asked for an ‘ideological screening test’ for immigrants.

    Optional Practice training (OPT) and J-1 Visas:

    J-1 visas are generally issued to those foreigners who wish to work or even participate for the exchange programs and visitors program after graduation. These programs are intended for cultural exchange. There is a growing concern of this J-1 Visa being scrapped by the administration. The reason for scraping this visa is due to the fact that the foreigners working for US companies under this visa are not paid as much as normal US Citizens. This is the reason you have many sectors employing these people, which means, the US national are at a loss.

    In case of this J-1 visa being scrapped by the administration you will have almost 300,000 people from
    almost 200 countries being affected. Students from other countries globally will be affected especially
    those who intend taking up summer jobs, internships or opt for the exchange programs.

    Work Visas:

    Depending on the decision by the Trump administration it might be tough for graduates to find work in
    the United States. Trump is interested in making sure that the nationals of the United States who are
    graduates can find the required jobs in different fields. He intends to boost the wages and ensure jobs
    are offered to the Americans first.

    These regulations by the Trump administration aim at jobs being offered to American citizens even if a
    foreign student is more qualified and ideal for the job. For those graduates from overseas who intend
    becoming US citizens with a ‘green card’ the rules and regulations might get tougher.

    Benefit US Students:

    This Trump administration has promised to make repayment of loans easier for the US Students. The
    student might have to pay 12.5 percent of their income every year against the student loan for a period of 15 years after which these loans are to be forgiven.


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