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  • Changes in the Education System
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  • 26-May-2017
  • Adapting a few changes in the higher education system in the US tends to be beneficial not only to the students but also for the universities. At present you have a small percentage of ninth graders will pass out after graduation. This is not compatible to the amount of jobs available for educated people.

    There are average schools which tend to concentrate only on the rules and the schools considered as ‘high performing’ focus only on academics. The truth is that both rules and academics are essential
    requirements. In short, schools need to be re-designed to ensure success.

    Reward for Talented Students:

    Diplomas and the grade system are not enough for the environment these days. Success tends to be
    limited. It is thus important to group the students in accordance to their skills and knowledge. There are specific colleges who have managed to earn even more that 20 college credit points due to this.

    Teachers given Importance:

    The evaluation and the grading system for teachers is a big setback for the college education here in the United States. Those universities which have adopted the benchmarking systems for teachers have shown a considerable amount of success. It is thus important to ensure the involvement of teachers for the education system to be a success. It has been suggested that the teachers need to be exempted from paying the taxes and those teaching science and maths should get almost double of their salaries.

    Students Getting College Credit:

    The apt solution for those adults who are working is to adopt the PLA (Prior Learning Assessment). This system can be beneficial even when talking about affordability of colleges. It is obviously a waste of money to get the students to pay for what they are already aware of and have the knowledge.

    Improving Student results:

    As we are aware the United States already has the required technology to revolutionize the education
    system. Nonprofits, start ups and learning companies tend to bring the innovation to the education to
    improve the results. There are multiple online courses available which can help students access to
    higher education in an easy manner.

    Education is fast becoming more that that piece of paper. You need the required skills and knowledge to reach high up. There are multiple courses being imparted free of cost. Students can also get a certificate for these courses.

    The total concept of higher education is seeing vast changes. Implemented in the right manner, these
    changed can make all the difference not only to the success of the students but also to the country. Fee structure is getting affordable and online courses can be taken at either a nominal cost or probably free of cost.

    Education is finally being given its due importance and steps are taken to ensure that maximum
    number of people can have access to this. There should be no hassles with the fees. Considering the
    required change in the fee system, you can ensure you have maximum number of graduates. A little bit of attention paid to this system can go a long way.


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