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  • 77 Massachusetts Avenue, 33-207
    Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Cambridge, MA MA 02139
    United States

  • Degrees Granted:
  • Masters, Doctorate

  • Programs offered:
  • On-campus

  • Description:
  • The AeroAstro Department offers a number of masters and doctoral-level degrees.
    Master's-Level Degrees:
    Master of Science
    This is the degree for students who want a deeply focused study of a disciplinary area. If you expect to eventually seek a doctorate, you'd normally select this program.
    Master of Science in Technology and Policy
    This interdepartmental program can be an excellent choice for applicants interested in applying an aerospace engineering background to problems of policy and socioeconomic assessment of technology.
    Master of Science in Engineering and Management
    This degree, awarded under the MIT System Design and Management Program, is a graduate-level academic and research program sponsored by MIT's Sloan School of Management, the School of Engineering (of which AeroAstro is a department), and industry partners. Its goal is to educate future leaders in architecting, engineering, and designing complex products and systems.

    Leaders for Global Operations
    Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) students learn to solve challenging operations problems by developing knowledge at the intersection of engineering and management. Our dual-degree program awards an MBA or a Master of Science from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Master of Science from MIT School of Engineering. The two-year LGO experience features a cross-disciplinary curriculum, a global orientation, significant internship opportunities and an emphasis on leadership and teamwork. Our partner companies play a critical role in all facets of the program.
    Master of Science in the Management of Technology
    This 12-month master's program is designed for mid-career engineers and scientists who will handle senior technical managerial responsibilities. The program is offered jointly with MIT's Sloan School of Management.
    Doctoral-Level Degrees
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science (Sc.D.)
    AeroAstro offers doctoral degrees in fields ranging from aeroacoustics to vehicle design .

  • Admission Information:
  • The graduate application deadline is December 15, for admission the following September.

    Prior degrees
    You'll need to have earned a Bachelor's Degree prior to entering a graduate program. If you're applying to one of our doctoral programs, you'll need to have both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Your undergraduate and graduate degrees need not be in aeronautics or astronautics to be a viable applicant.

    You must have a strong background in mathematics and physics, and, with rare exception, familiarity with an engineering discipline. In some cases, unfulfilled entrance requirements may be satisfied during your first year of graduate study.

    Grade Point Average
    Your GPA should be a minimum of B (3.0 on a four-point scale, or 4.0 on a five-point scale) to apply.

    Graduate Record Examination
    You should score in at least the 80th percentile on both the Quantitative and Analytic sections of the GRE.
    English as a Foreign Language Testing Requirements
    If your language of instruction beginning in primary school was not English, you'll need to take either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) OR the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

    On the TOEFL, you must score a minimum of 100 on the internet-based exam. (600 on the paper-based version, 250 on the computer-based version). On the IELTS you must score a minimum of 7 total. To be eligible for Fall admission, this exam must be taken by our application deadline of December 15.

    Statement of Objectives
    Your Statement of Objectives should relate to department faculty and researchers' current activities and research. It is important to mention faculty members that you are interested in working with by name, as well as specific labs and projects.

    Advisor availability
    Even if you have an outstanding record, vitae, recommendations, and potential to excel in Aero-Astro, we may not be able to offer you admission. We will not admit more students than our faculty can effectively advise. This number varies term-to-term, and specialty-to-specialty, depending on the composition of our applicant pool and our current graduate student population.

  • Financial Aids:
  • Aero-Astro graduate students generally identify funding through one of the following, but they may also put together a combination of sources (such as a partial fellowship with an RA supplement) to fund their graduate program :

    Research assistantship

    Pays full tuition, health insurance, and monthly stipend. Most Aero-Astro grad students are funded with a research assistantship. An RA works in a lab assisting a faculty member with research. Ideally, but not always, the research is the basis for the student's thesis. Generally, a research assistantship will fund a student through the duration of the academic degree program.

    Teaching assistantship

    Pays full tuition, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. Teaching asistants support a faculty member in a classroom situation. These positions are usually offered on a course by course basis and last one semester. There are fewer than 10 of these positions in our department each year.

    MIT-sponsored fellowship

    Pays full tuition and monthly stipend. Internal fellowships (i.e., those offered by MIT) are for one academic year and do not require a student to also work as an RA or TA. Internal fellowships generally recognize prior superior academic achievement. Because they last only one year, it's important that students who are awarded a fellowship secure funding for the following year. Note that fellowships do not include health insurance.

    External fellowship

    External fellowships are funding opportunities students must apply for and receive either before being admitted to, or after enrolling in, graduate school. They vary in coverage. Some cover all costs of the graduate program, others cover less. If a fellowship does not cover all expenses, the student may supplement the fellowship with an RA.

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